1. The editor receives, reviews and follows up on complaints from all parties involved in journal publication

2. The editor is responsible for deciding that each article that has been submitted to the journal is appropriate and meets the criteria for publication. The editors may discuss with other editors or reviewers in making this decision.

3.Editors evaluate each text for their intellectual content without regard to the race, gender, religious beliefs, and ethnicity of each author.

4. The editor and any editorial staff do not send any information related to the submitted text to anyone other than the author, reviewer.

5. The editor encourages the writer/author so that he can improve the article until it is worthy of publication.

6. The editor layouts the script to be published so that it matches the journal template.

7. The editor assists the editor-in-chief in completing the manuscript collection before it is printed and published, especially in terms of language, format and layout.

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